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20 February 2006 @ 03:47 pm
A Description of the Communities  
Being newly sorted, it may seem overwhelming with all the communities to join. Here we break down each community and also give you some previews of communities that are in the works!

The Communities


This community you are probably already familiar with. This is where all new applicants get sorted into their house. This is also where you respond to applications with your own votes for where you think an applicant should go. Make sure you read our sorting guidelines to make sure you know the proper sorting procedures. The votes for sorting are

+5 points for voting on an applicant
+10 points for referring an applicant. If the applicant is asked to re-apply or is Muggled, you will still receive 10 points!


This community is where you go to request friending from other members, offer a picture, or offer am AIM or Msn name or email for members to get in contact wth you. It's a good idea to give a short little bio of yourself such as.

My name is Selene, I'm 29 and was recently sorted in ___ house. I am a college student and I enjoy several hobbies such as shopping, horseback riding and stamp collecting. I'm hoping for new friends to add to my F-list so please add me and I'll add you back!


This community is for general chat between all four houses. Had a bad day? Share with the student body! Have a nifty theory on an aspect of Harry Potter? Post it here. This community is for anything and everything.


This community is for concerns, problems or suggestions on ways to improve the community. We want everyone to enjoy being here! While we will try our best to help with anything, we can't promise to follow every suggestion but we would like to have the option to try.


This community is for the Headmistresses, Head of Houses, Prefects and Mistresses/Masters of various committee's. When a position is open we will post applications for everyone to apply.


This community is the Role Playing Game area. We are excited to have a RPG area for a sorting community and hope that we have enough members interested to keep it a members only community!


This community posts all challenges and points earning opportunities towards the Housecup! I strongly suggest making sure this community appears on your friends list as some challenges might be spur of the moment and only last for a couple of hours! I also will be issuing weekly challenges. The userinfo has the point standings for each house. Check it frequently! Most comments are screened if you have any questions on the rules of each challenge or wish to comment with your challenge.


This community has all the Frequently Asked Questions and guidelines for sorting and proper behavior in the communities. There are links to this community on all the house userinfo's.


This is where all the Professors will post their lessons for classes. You will also be able to see their outlines for the lessons and sign-up to attend the classes. Applications for Professors will be posted in this community!

hh_shops This community is for sig-tags, banners and sorting stamps, and icons. Points will be earned for those who design and make tags for various members. All graphics are welcome in this community!

hh_library Where there is Harry Potter, there is fanfiction. This is where all essays, fanfiction, and original stories will be posted. You may also rec stories in this community!

hh_hiatus We understand that life gets busy! This community will be for posting notices that you will be gone for however long as well as notices that you have returned. You may also email the headmistress at HHheadmistress@gmail.com

There will be more communities added as we continue to grow. This post will be updated and a notice will be put in hh_thehall when we do so.
One-hundred percent intelligent black child....: Freedomenygma1920 on June 1st, 2006 04:38 pm (UTC)
I have one question concerning the library...are we allowed to post WIP fanfiction there? I've only seen completed, one-shots or drabble so far and was just curious.

childofareschildofares on June 1st, 2006 11:51 pm (UTC)
Of course! We have some talented writers and readers that would love them!