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hh_faq's Journal

The FAQ for Hogwarts Home
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This is the FAQ for the sorting community Hogwarts Home. Keep an eye on our sorting community hh_sorting

Welcome to the FAQ section of Hogwarts Home, a sorting community. We are so excited that you are interested in joining us! Please take the time to read all the FAQ posts in this community and comment with any questions you may have. Then, you may get started on filling out your application and getting sorted into a house.

Rule 1. If you have a problem or a suggestion for anything in hh_faq please make the post in hh_complaints! We welcome any and all suggestions! You may join the complaints community without being a sorted student!

Rule 2. We aren't kidding when we say you must read the FAQ. It has very important information that you, as either an applicant or a sorted member, will need. The most important posts to read BEFORE filling out your application are the Application Tips, the
House Characteristics, and our Sorting Guidelines. If you look to the right you will see them listed again. That is not a mistake! They are that important! If you have any questions the community email is HH_headmistress@gmail.com. you may email us our contact directly at either Headmistress Selene's journal childofares, Headmistress Maggie's journal chaotic_vanity, our at our Sorting Mistress Michelle's journal at pookie_1.

Selene (childofares) and Maggie (chaotic_vanity)

Gryffindor Head of House:
Hufflepuff Head of House:
Anna braceface__
Ravenclaw Head of House:
Maggie chaotic_vanity *temporary
Slytherin Head of House:
Michelle pookie_1

Gryffindor Prefects

Hufflepuff Prefects

Ravenclaw Prefects

Slytherin Prefects

Application Tips
House Characteristics
Sorting Guidelines
Great Hall
Staff Room
House Cup
Hogwarts Home Shops
The Library
Hogwarts Home Sports
Hogwarts Home Restricted
Gryffindor Common Room
Hufflepuff Common Room
Ravenclaw Common Room
Slytherin Common Room