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01 February 2006 @ 08:51 pm
Sorting Guidelines  
These are the only votes that need be displayed in the subject when you vote.

We do not have a squib vote!

House: The four acceptable house votes are Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin.

No Vibe/Abstain: This vote is if you cannot get a vibe on the application. Do not shove someone into a house if you honestly get no vibe. The applicant will be able to re-apply unless any rules were broken. Your stunningly awesome Headmistress chaotic_vanity and Headmistress childofares will determine if the applicant will be allowed to re-apply. You WILL receive points for your vote!

Muggle: In a perfect world there are no trolls and there are no pushers. We don't like pushers. We are all capable of sorting someone. If someone strikes you as a pusher or a troll or if you simply feel the applicant will not make a good fit into the community please use this vote. If I see a Muggle vote I expect something that says why you feel the person deserved the vote. Depending on the severity of the rules broken the applicant may or may not be allowed to re-apply. I don't expect to see this vote a lot. If I do see it used for snotty reasons I may remove it completely. If you vote someone a muggle and don't explain why, expect me to swoop down like a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz and ask you why. If you have no reason points may be taken away or I may ask you to delete your vote until I'm given a reason.

Staff/No: This vote is for HOH's and Head Girl and Boy.

When Voting On Applicants

1. Please keep it civil. While it's sometimes fun to take our rage out on applicants we do not want to be seen as a "mean" or "elitist" community. We want a fun, active place that everyone will feel comfortable in. In short: We want to remain a polite and friendly community. If you are filled with unspeakable rage at an applicant then walk away for awhile or don't vote.

2. While I don't need a novel on every thing you thought as you read the applications, I would like some idea on why you voted the way you did. The applicants spend time on their application and we should show them the respect of explaining to them why we feel they should be in a certain house or not.

3. I love sig tags! They are pretty! The only thing I ask? Respect the people on dial-up! If your tags take my computer 3 minutes to load then expect a hiss from either myself or Maggie.

4. I understand that sometimes we need a break from sorting. By all means if you feel burned out I don't WANT you voting. However I do ask that you vote on at least half the applications. That sounds fair right? Right!?

5. Please sign your vote. That means Name/House. Sig tags are fine for signing just make sure they show up!

6. Do not judge applicants on their personal choices. If they like Remus and hate Sirius feel free to disagree. However: DO NOT vote them a muggle because they dared to not like your favorite character.

Remember! We were all applicants once too. Words can hurt more than anything else. Please keep that in mind in your voting.
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